Viva Nuestro Caucus: Rewriting the Forgotten Pages of Our Caucus

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Edited by Romeo García, Iris D. Ruiz, Anita Hernández and María Paz Carvajal Regidor

Working and Writing for Change (A Parlor Press Imprint)
Edited by Steve Parks and Jessica Pauszek

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978-1-64317-124-1 (paperback, $40.00); 978-1-64317-125-8 (PDF on CD, $19.99). © 2019 by New City Community Press. 392 pages, with notes, bibliography, and illustrations.

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Viva Nuestro Caucus: Rewriting the Forgotten Pages of Our Caucus celebrates the history of the Latinx Caucus of the National Council of Teachers of English and of the College Composition and Communication Conference since its inception in 1968 as the Chicano Teachers of English. The Caucus emerged because of a lack of representation and support and today maintains its vision and agenda of advocating for Latino peoples. The impetus for Viva Nuestro Caucus began both from a lack of recognition amongst NCTE and CCCC and an acknowledgment that no written history exists of the Caucus. Its editors provide a partial history of the agendas, activities, and achievements of the Caucus from its formation to the present, set against the backdrop of changing times. It includes interviews with founding and current Caucus members, an annotated Caucus archive, and a working bibliography of publications by Caucus members

About the Editors

ROMEO GARCÍA is Assistant Professor in the Department of Writing and Rhetoric Studies at the University of Utah. He teaches and publishes in the areas of decolonial theory, settler colonialism, and writing and rhetorical studies. He is co-editor (with Damían Baca) of Rhetorics Elsewhere and Otherwise: Contested Modernities, Decolonial Vision, published by the CCCC Studies in Writing and Rhetoric series. 

IRIS D. RUIZ is a Continuing Lecturer for the Merritt Writing Program and also lectures for the Ethnic Studies department at CSU, Stanislaus. She is the author of Reclaiming Composition for Chicano/as and other Ethnic Minorities: A Critical History and Pedagogy andco-edited Decolonizing Rhetoric and Composition Studies: New Latinx Keywords for Theory and Pedagogy. 

ANITA HERNÁNDEZ is Professor and the Don and Sarrah Kidd Endowed Chair in Literacy in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at New Mexico State University. She teaches and publishes in the area of language, literacy, and culture. She is co-author of Interactive Student Notebooks for English Learners and Text Sets: Scaffolding Core Literature for Secondary Students.

MARÍA PAZ CARVAJAL REGIDOR is a PhD Candidate in English and Writing Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. She currently serves as Assistant Director and Graduate Consultant at the Writers Workshop. Her research interests include literacy, translingualism, Spanglish, and archival historiography. She has been a member of the CCCC Latinx Caucus since 2016. 


1 Introduction: An Impetus for Viva Nuestro Caucus by Romeo García | PART I: Histories: The Story of the Caucus | 1  Sidestepping Radical Change: A Short History of NCTE by Romeo García | 2  Creating a “New History” within NCTE/CCCC: Civil Rights, The Chicano Movement, and Honoring Felipe de Ortego y Gasca by Iris D. Ruiz | 3  Founding Figure Forging a Path: Felipe de Ortego y Gasca by María Paz Carvajal Regidor | 4  Founding Figure Despite Setbacks: Carlota Cárdenas de Dwyer by Romeo García | 5 Founding Figure Insuring Inclusion of Latino and Latina Literature: Roseann Dueñas González by Anita Hernández | 6 Generations of Leadership by Anita Hernández and Iris D. Ruiz | 7 The Evolution of the Latinx Caucus in the NCTE and CCCC by Anita Hernández and Romeo García | 8 We’re Here to Stay: The Current State of the Caucus and Future Directions by Romeo García, Iris D. Ruiz, Anita Hernández, and María Paz Carvajal Regidor | PART II: Experiences: In Their Own Words | Felipe de Ortego y Gasca, Carlota Cárdenas de Dwyer, Roseann Dueñas González, Victor Villanueva, Cecilia Rodríguez Milanés, Bobbie Houtchens and Mary Carmen Cruz, Cristina Kirklighter,  Damian Baca, Steven Alvarez, Cristina Ramírez, Aja Martinez, Tracey Flores, PART III: Results: Work and Works Achieved | Annotated Caucus Archive by Maria Paz Carvajal Regidor, Romeo García, and Anita Hernández | Selected List of Caucus Members’ Publications | Appendix: Full Interview Transcripts

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