Senior Citizens Writing II

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Edited by Bill Reid; With an Introduction and Notes by W. Ross Winterowd

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Senior Citizens Writing II continues the tradition of the first volume with new examples of seniors citizens writing from the unique and succesful workshops facilitated by W.. Ross Winterowd. In this new collection, readers will find memoirs, short stories and poems from eleven authors, ranging in age from 63 to 87, U.S. born as well as immigrant. This collection preserves a rich tapestry of American colloquial and immigrant interest. These 46 selections show the success of the seniors workshop format, which stimulates seniors to express their feelings and tell their unique stories with grace and eloquence. The editor of this volume, Bill Reid, was himself a workshop participant.

Winterowd provides an informative introduction, his own vegetable poem, and insightful headnotes to each authors’ work. Contributors include Eddie Hasson, Mary Ann Huisken, Paul (Sammy) Larkin, Marjory Bong-Ray Liu, Kathy Recupero, William (Bill) Reid, Joanne Simpson, Marie Thompson, Phan Vū, Edna Wooley, and Richard Wrate.    

About the Editors

William (Bill) Reid is a retired vice president of manufacturing and engineering for a Fortune 500 company. Since retiring, he and his wife have designed homes and gardens. He shares interest in skiing, fly fishing and cinematography with his family. Today, living in Fountain Valley, California, with his wife of 57 years, his writing is an extension of scriptwriting and digital editing.

W. Ross Winterowd is the Bruce R. McElderry Professor Emeritus, University of Southern California, where he founded its PhD program in Rhetoric, Linguistics, and Literature. He has authored, co-authored, or edited many essays, reviews, poems, and books, including Searching For Faith: A Skeptic’s Journey (2004), The English Department: An Institutional and Personal History (1998), and The Culture and Politics of Literacy (1989). He has been leading writing workshops for seniors in Huntington Beach, California, since 1997 and edited the first volume of Senior Citizens Writing (Parlor Press, 2007).


Preface, Bill Reid
Introduction, W. Ross Winterowd

Eddie Hasson: The Most Dynamic Class in Junior High School; Human Reproduction | Co-Ed Health—Undivided Attention | First Aid Unit' Coed Health Class House Rules | A Sad Story | Talent Shows and Other Performances at the Junior High Level | Old Mother Hubbard

Mary Ann Huisken: A City Girl on the Farm | Sleeping Under the Stars | Decorating the Christmas Tree | “Mother, Where Are You?”

Paul “Sammy” Larkin: “Ole George’’ and the Paper Boy | Amory Library | “Tick” | Baseball Long Toss Contest | Knockout Punch | The Ring | In the Morning

Marjory Bong-Ray Liu: My Adventures in China During World War II | QI (Chee) | Snow in Beijing

Kathy Recupero: As I Remember It—Love at First Slight | Daddy, a Beloved Irishman | New York! New York! It’s a Wonderful Town | Our Year in Tuscany

William (Bill) Reid: There’s a War On! | “Sassenachs! Go Live Among Them?”

Joanne Simpson: Bubbles of Remembrance | It Was the 60’s! | Fred

Marie Thompson: Another Chance | The Norton Simon | The Scruff | The Button | An Enchanted Oasis | Sanctuary

Phan Vū: Autumn Love | A Bus Ride |

Edna Woolley: One Remarkable Woman | Molly’s Folly | What Fun It Was | Ted | My Greek Vacation 

Richard Wrate: Beauty in the Beast | Buttermilk Returns?

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