Medieval Outlaws: Twelve Tales in Modern English Translation

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Revised and Expanded Edition
Edited by Thomas H. Ohlgren

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Billy the Kid, Jesse James, John Dillinger, and Al Capone were all are criminals who robbed and killed, yet they were considered good outlaws, celebrated in sensational newspapers, newsreels, and dime novels of the day, and later in film and television, for their daring, courage, loyalty, and even chivalry. Our fascination with criminal heroes has a long history, extending back to legendary accounts in medieval chronicle, romance, and ballad. Although their names may not be familiar—Earl Godwin, Hereward, Eustache the Monk, Fouke Fitz Waryn, Án Bow-Bender, Gamelyn, Owain Glyndwr, William of Cloudesley, and William Wallace—these outlaws, in addition to Robin Hood, were all driven to lives of crime as victims of political intrigue or legal injustice. They committed capital crimes punishable by death, but, paradoxically, they were loved, encouraged, and supported by their communities.

This revised and expanded edition of Medieval Outlaws gathers twelve outlaw tales, introduced and freshly translated into Modern English by a team of specialists, including Timothy S. Jones, Michael Swanton, Thomas E. Kelly, Mica Gould, Stephen Knight, Shaun F. D. Hughes, Alexander L. Kaufman, Thomas H. Ohlgren, Thomas Hahn, and Walter Scheps. The tales range in date from the Norman Conquest to the sixteenth century. Introductions precede each selection and notes identify all of the significant names, places, and historical events mentioned in the texts. Accessible and entertaining, these tales will be of interest to the general reader and student alike.

About the Editor

Thomas H. Ohlgren is Professor of English and Medieval Studies at Purdue University and is the author of numerous books and articles on medieval manuscripts and literature.


List of Illustrations
Preface to Revised Edition
Preface to Sutton Edition
Frequently Cited References
General Introduction

  1. Timothy S. Jones, The Outlawry of Earl Godwin
  2. Michael Swanton, The Deeds of Hereward
  3. Thomas E. Kelly, Eustache the Monk
  4. Carter Revard, The Outlaw’s Song of Trailbaston
  5. Thomas E. Kelly, Fouke fitz Waryn
  6. Mica Gould, Two Tales of Owain Glyndwr
  7. Stephen Knight, The Tale of Gamelyn
  8. Shaun F. D. Hughes, The Saga of Án Bow-bender
  9. Alexander Kaufman, The Hermit and the Outlaw
  10. Thomas H. Ohlgren, A Gest of Robyn Hode
  11. Thomas Hahn, Adam Bell, Clim of the Clough and William of Cloudesley
  12. Walter Scheps, From The Acts and Deeds of Sir William Wallace

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