Stories of Mentoring: Theory and Praxis

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Edited by Michelle F. Eble and Lynée Lewis Gaillet

Lauer Series in Rhetoric and Composition
Edited by Patricia Sullivan, Catherine Hobbs, Thomas Rickert, and Jennifer Bay

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Stories of Mentoring: Theory and Praxis defines the current status of mentoring in the field of composition and rhetoric by providing both snapshots and candid descriptions of what that mentoring means to those working in the discipline. Seventy-eight contributors offer a wide array of evidence and illustrations in an effort to define what mentoring entails, its important benefits and consequences, and its role in creating the future character of the field. Readers will find program descriptions and critiques, testimonials and personal anecdotes, copies of correspondence and e-mail messages, term projects and assignments, accounts of forged friendships and peer relationships (some good, some not-so-good), both new paradigms and familiar constructs for successful mentoring, tales of pregnancy and mothering, chronicles of both administrative nightmares and dream solutions, and inspiring stories revealing the character of those rare individuals who embody the term mentor.

About the Editors

Michelle F. Eble is associate professor of English and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of English at East Carolina University. Lynée Lewis Gaillet is associate professor of rhetoric and composition at Georgia State University.


1 Introduction
Lynée Lewis Gaillet

Part I: Definitions and Tributes
2 On Mentoring
Winifred Bryan Horner

3 Educating Jane
Jenn Fishman and Andrea Lunsford

4 Their Stories of Mentoring: Multiple Perspectives on Mentoring
Janice Lauer, Michele Comstock, Baotong Gu, William Hart-Davidson, Thomas Moriarty, Tim Peeples, Larissa Reuer, and Michael Zerbe

5 Mentorship, Collegiality, and Friendship: Making Our Mark as Professionals
Ken Baake, Stephen A. Bernhardt, Eva R. Brumberger, Katherine Durack, Bruce Farmer, Julie Dyke Ford, Thomas Hager, Robert Kramer, Lorelei Ortiz, and Carolyn Vickrey

6 Wendy Bishop’s Legacy: A Tradition of Mentoring, a Call to Collaboration
Anna Leahy, Stephanie Vanderslice, Kelli L. Custer, Jennifer Wells, Carol Ellis, Meredith Kate Brown, Dorinda Fox, and Amy Hodges Hamilton

Part II: Mentoring Relationships
7 Mentoring Friendships and the “Reweaving of Authority”
Diana Ashe and Elizabeth Ervin

8 “Mentor, May I Mother?”
Catherine Gabor, Stacia Dunn Neeley, and Carrie Shively Leverenz

9 The Minutia of Mentorships: Reflections about Professional Development
Katherine S. Miles and Rebecca E. Burnett

10 Performing Professionalism: On Mentoring
and Being Mentored
Wendy Sharer, Jessica Enoch, and Cheryl Glenn

11 Mentoring across the Continents
Susan E. Thomas and George L. Pullman

12 Chancing into Altruistic Mentoring
Doug Downs and Dayna Goldstein

Part III: Mentoring in Undergraduate and Graduate Education
13 Graduate Student Writing Groups as Peer Mentoring Communities
Lisa Cahill, Susan Miller-Cochran, Veronica Pantoja, and Rochelle L. Rodrigo

14 Mentoring Undergraduates in the Research Process: Perspectives from the Mentor and Mentees
Angela Eaton, Linda Rothman, Jessica Smith, Robin Woody, Catherine Warren, Jerry Moore, Betsy Strosser, and Randi Spinks

15 Webs of Mentoring in Graduate School
Jennifer Clary-Lemon and Duane Roen

16 Mentor or Magician: Reciprocities, Existing Ideologies, and Reflections of a Discipline
Barbara Cole and Arabella Lyon

17 Transformative Mentoring: Thinking Critically about the Transition from Graduate Student to Faculty through a
Graduate-Level Teaching Experience Program
Amy C. Kimme Hea and Susan N. Smith

18 A Mentoring Pedagogy
C. Renée Love

19 Textual Mentors: Twenty-Five Years with The Writing Teacher’s Sourcebook
Nancy A. Myers

Part IV: Mentoring in Writing Programs
20 A New Paradigm for WPA Mentoring? The Case of New York University’s Expository Writing Program
Alfred E. Guy, Jr. and Rita Malenczyk

21 Mentoring Toward Interdependency: “Keeping It Real”
Krista Ratcliffe and Donna Decker Schuster

22 The Reciprocal Nature of Successful Mentoring Relationships: Changing the Academic Culture
Joan Mullin and Paula Braun

23 Panopticism? Or Just Paying Attention?
Cinda Coggins Mosher and Mary Trachsel

24 Narrating Our Revision: A Mentoring Program’s Evolution
Holly Ryan, David Reamer, and Theresa Enos

25 Making It Count: Mentoring as Cultural Currency
Tanya R. Cochran and Beth Godbee

26 Reflections on Mentoring
Michelle F. Eble


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