Working and Writing for Change

An Imprint Series of Parlor Press

Series Editors
Steve Parks, University of Virginia
Jess Pauszek, Texas A&M University – Commerce

The Writing and Working for Change series began during the 100th anniversary celebrations of NCTE. It was designed to recognize the collective work of teachers of English, Writing, Composition, and Rhetoric to work within and across diverse identities to ensure the field recognize and respect language, educational, political, and social rights of all students, teachers, and community members. While initially solely focused on the work of NCTE/CCCC Special Interest Groups and Caucuses, the series now includes texts written by individuals in partnership with other communities struggling for social recognition and justice.

Current Publications

CCCC/NCTE Caucuses

Community Publications

Journals and Podcasts

Pedagogue LogoPedagogue: Teachers Talking Writing

Pedagogue is a podcast about teachers talking writing, dedicated to building a supportive community, committed to facilitating conversations that move across institutions and positions, and designed to help celebrate the labor teachers do inside and outside the classroom. Each episode is a conversation with a teacher (or multiple teachers) about their experiences teaching writing, their work, inspirations, assignments, assessments, successes, and challenges. The podcast is meant to promote diverse voices at various institutions and help foster community and collaboration among teachers of writing. 

Reflections: A Journal of Community-Engaged Writing and Rhetoric

Reflections Logo

Reflections publishes  academic research that emerges from community-engaged writing projects as well as the non-academic genres produced by project participants—the poetry, essays, photographs, and memoirs that often emerge from such work. We invite submissions from anyone who has been involved in a service-learning, community literacy, or community writing project, including community members, university, college, or public school faculty, students, and activists.

Spark: a 4C4Equality Journal

Spark LogoSpark: a 4C4Equality Journal  is an open-access, online, annual journal that provides a community for activist students, teachers, and researchers in writing, rhetoric, and literacy studies to argue for the public and disciplinary value of their social justice pursuits. Such justice work may be localized within a public school, neighborhood, or campus, or as far-reaching as regional and international efforts. It may intersect with movements such as Black Lives Matter, or campaigns, such as Immigrant Rights. Ultimately, the work should speak to the power of intersectional and collaborative efforts at political change.

Submission and Contact Information

Proposals should be sent to Steve Parks ( For help crafting a proposal, please see Parlor Press's general guidelines.