Best of the Independent Journals in Rhetoric and Composition 2014

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Edited by Steve Parks, Brian Bailie, James Seitz, Jessica Pauszek, Tamara Bassam Issak, and Heather Christiansen

Best of the Journals in Rhetoric and Composition Series
Edited by Steve Parks, Brian Bailie, and Jessica Pauszek

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978-1-60235-823-2 (paperback, $33); 978-1-60235-824-9 (Adobe eBook, $20). 268 pages with illustrations, notes, and bibliographies. © 2016 by Parlor Press. Individual essays in this book have been reprinted with permission of the respective copyright owners.

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The Best of the Independent Rhetoric and Composition Journals 2014 represents the result of a nationwide conversation—beginning with journal editors, but expanding to teachers, scholars and workers across the discipline of Rhetoric and Composition—to select essays that showcase the innovative and transformative work now being published in the field's independent journals. Representing both print and digital journals in the field, the essays featured here explore issues ranging from classroom practice to writing in global and digital contexts, from writing workshops to community activism. Together, the essays provide readers with a rich understanding of the present and future direction of the field.

The anthology features work by the following authors and representing these journals: Adela Licona and J. Sarah Gonzalez (Community Literacy Journal) Hillery Glasby (Harlot), Victor Villanueva (Journal of Basic Writing), Kathleen Cassity (Journal of Teaching Writing), Fred Johnson (Kairos), Annette Vee (Literacy in Composition Studies), Kurt Spellmeyer (Pedagogy), David Rieder (Present Tense), Kendall Leon (Reflections), and Noreen Lape (The Writing Lab Newsletter).


James Seitz and Jessica Pauszek
Community Literacy Journal
1 Education/Connection/Action: Community Literacies and Shared Knowledges as Creative Productions for Social Justice
Adela C. Licona and J. Sarah Gonzalez
2 "Let Me Queer My Throat" Queer Rhetorics of Negotiation: Marriage Equality and Homonormativity
Hillery Glasby
Journal of Basic Writing
3 Subversive Complicity and Basic Writing Across the Curriculum
Victor Villanueva
Journal of Teaching Writing
4 Practice, Patience, and Process in the Age of Accountability: What Cognitive Psychology Suggests about the Teaching and Assessment of Writing
Kathleen J. Cassity
5 Perspicuous Objects: Reading Comics and Writing Instruction
Fred Johnson
Literacy in Composition Studies
6 Understanding Computer Programming as a Literacy
Annette Vee
7 Fighting Words: Instrumentalism, Pragmatism, and the Necessity of Politics in Composition
Kurt Spellmeyer
Present Tense
8 From GUI to NUI: Microsoft's Kinect and the Politics of the (Body as) Interface
David M. Rieder
9 Chicanas Making Change: Institutional Rhetoric and the ComisiÓn Femenil Mexicana Nacional
Kendall Leon
The Writing Lab Newsletter
10 Going Global, Becoming Translingual: The Development of a Multilingual Writing Center
Noreen G. Lape

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