Becoming International: Musings on Studying Abroad in America

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Editor: Sadie Shorr-Parks
Associate Editor: Deborah J. McGraw

Working and Writing for Change (A Parlor Press Imprint)
Edited by Steve Parks and Jess Pauszek

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This collection of flash nonfiction chronicles the experiences of international students as they leave home, cross borders, and begin their studies in the United States. Sometimes humorous,
often profound, their writings illustrate the peculiar process of becoming international.

All of the authors in this book are international students. This collection aims to not only illuminate their experiences but also celebrate the distinct beauty of writing produced by students learning a second language.

A timely mediation on arriving in America, Becoming International: Musings on Studying Abroad in America is a perfect companion for those planning to study abroad or anyone interested in creating international spaces on college campuses.

Praise for Becoming International

In exploring the notion of “home,” the authors in this collection . . . evoke familiar themes of homesickness, childhood memories, and the exciting yet daunting prospect of change. Additionally, they inform and connect us, because, not in spite, of the unfamiliarities in their experiences from our own. And where there are disparities, they have created sites for cross-cultural learning, compassion, and acknowledgment of our own privileges. Their writing demonstrates that minority students finding themselves in the contact zone of their “home” and new “host” cultures can wield their stories to cope with change and negotiate their self-identities in generative, community-building ways. — Charissa Che, University of Utah


Acknowledgments | Introduction  Amy Walker | Becoming International: Musings on Studying Abroad in America | What a Journal Does, Yuto Sean Nakao | In My Home, Yuan Cheng | Home Always Waits for Me, Ai Guan, Kitten Games, Yicheng Tie | My Grandmother’s House, Anonymous | I Know Every Rock in the Ocean, Joakim Maaseidvaag Olsen | A Holy Place for My Life, Zhi Li . | The Sky Can Be the River, Yinqi Chang | The Bell Tower, Chuanjie Jian | Lovely Summer, Haochen Feng | A Seed, Dingyuan Wei | When I had to Leave my Hometown, Tianyu Ye | Soft Pajamas, Yan Zhu | This Woman Was Really Kind, Yingqi Chang | An Embarrassing Experience in the U.S., Yang Zhang | Writer of Life, Dingyuan Wei | The Upper Wind, Haihang Yang | Speak Well and Make Friends, Anonymous | The Headaches, Zhichao Xue | The Story of Love, Jing Di, Xiangyi Wang, & Viki | New York City: Sunshine and Darkness, | Yoojeong Seo, Yangzhi Xiao, & Tianqi Yao | What Goes Up, Yoojeong Seo | An Unforgettable Photo, Young Yang | My Boots, Yang Zhang | Becoming Independent, Yongbin Yang | A Language Learner, Yanan Li | From Totally Shy to an Outgoing Dancer, Youjin Li | A Special and Difficult Experience, Huan-Chen Tseng | A Global View, Chen Yang | Expectations of Living in America, Chuanjie Jian | The International Students, Xiangyi Wang | Jack and Rose, Jing Di | Liquid Rebecca, Qiaochu Liu & Xiangjie Si | A Boy Named Genius, Xinyue Zhang & Zhengtong Xu | Abraham the Empathetic, Bandar Alhoraibi | Veronica with the Dark Hair, Anonymous | The Three Best Functions, Sun Ae Kim & Joakim Maaseidvaag Olsen | A Record of My Family, Wenkai Zhuang | Afterword  Re/vising Home: The Gift of International Student Perspectives, Charissa Che | Note on the Manuscript

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