Kevin Killian on Puppet Wardrobe by Daniel Tiffany

Cover of Puppet Wardrobe"It would be hard to summarize my views of Daniel Tiffany's book PUPPET WARDROBE without resorting to hyperbole. We all know there are dozens of undeservedly neglected poetry books arriving every year, but the mystery that surrounds this one is like that of the Mary Celeste, ominous and thick with Stygian gloom of the high seas. Tiffany should be a household name and not just for silver or breakfast! They should be carrying him on their shoulders when they win the Rose Bowl. You see, I'm at it already." —Kevin Killian (Amazon Top 100 Reviewer) at (10/2007).

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"Tom Dvorske on Adam Clay's The Wash" in H_NGM_N: An Online Journal of Poetry and Poetics

Cover of The Wash"Clay . . . revisits romanticism and allows us to experience it in much the same way that I imagine those first readers of Blake, Shelley, and Clare might have experienced their work. And it’s a visit worth making." "Tom Dvorske on Adam Clay's The Wash" in H_NGM_N: An Online Journal of Poetry and Poetics.

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Interview with Boyer Rickel on remanence at Christopher Nelson's Poetry Blog

"I think it’s possible for the imagination — and the heart — to make meaningful connections out of more far-ranging material than we often challenge it to do." Read the full Interview with Boyer Rickel on remanence at Christopher Nelson's Poetry Blog. (Oct. 2008).

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An Interview with Morgan Lucas Schuldt in "First Book Interviews"

"What appeals to me—what has always appealed to me in poetry—are the material conditions of language itself. All the texturizers that work the surface of the poem, from typography down to the aural level of phonemes. Consonance, assonance, rhyme, yes. But also homophones, puns, anagrams, transposition, neologisms, portmanteau—the oddments and extra-intentional sleights-of-hand one can use to complicate words and their meanings. . . ."

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About Peter Riley's A Map of Faring and Free Verse Editions

Map of Faring Cover"Peter Riley's most recent full-length poetry collection, A Map of Faring, is precisely the sort of project that is helping to distinguish the newly established Free Verse Editions, a joint venture between Free Verse and Parlor Press. With its commitment to featuring translations, combined with an international scope, Free Verse Editions has been consistently proving that the site of contemporary poetry consists not so much of place, but of places and their rich, adjacent terrains." —Word for Word: A Journal of New Writing (Issue 14, Fall 2008).

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