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Reading Graphs, Maps, and Trees: Responses to Franco Moretti

Reading Graphs, Maps, and Trees: Responses to Franco Moretti or purchase a print copy here.

Franco Moretti’s Graphs, Maps, Trees: Abstract Models for Literary History is one of the most provocative recent works of literary history. The present volume collects generalist and specialist, academic and nonacademic responses by statisticians, philosophers, historians, literary scholars and others. And Moretti’s responses to these responses. Originally written as contributions to an online book event hosted at The Valve (, and edited for this volume, these essays explore, extend and criticize many aspects of Franco Moretti’s work. They will be of interest to anyone interested in Moretti’s brand of “distant reading”; or in the prospects for quantitative approaches to literary style and genre; or recent interdisciplinary work in the humanities generally.


Contributors: Bill Benzon, Tim Burke, Jenny Davidson, Ray Davis, Jonathan Goodwin, Eric Hayot, John Holbo, Steven Berlin Johnson, Matthew Kirschenbaum, Sean McCann, Franco Moretti, Adam Roberts, Cosma Shalizi.

Reading Graphs, Maps, and Trees: Responses to Franco Moretti by David Blakesley on Scribd

Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing

Writing Spaces LogoParlor Press is pleased to announce an exciting new collaborative project with the WAC Clearinghouse and series editors Charlie Lowe and Pavel Zemliansky. Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing is a new textbook series seeking proposals for essays for the composition classroom. Each volume of Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing will contain peer-reviewed collections of essays all composed by teachers for students, freely available for download under a Creative Commons license.

Digital Publishing F5 | Refreshed

Second Edition
© 2003 by Parlor Press
ISBN: 1-932559-10-8

Edited by Kate Agena, Karl Stolley, Rita Wu, Christopher Eklund, Christopher Berry, Jingfang Ren, Jennie Blankert, David Blakesley, Serkan Gorkemli, Bob Stein, et al.


Available for free download in Night Kitchen (TK3) format.

Glassbead Books

Glassbead Books BeakersEditor
John Holbo

National University of Singapore

Glassbead books will exemplify what academic book publishing should be in an age of electronic publishing: namely, a generous gift culture. All Glassbead books will be available as quality, affordable paperbacks, but also as free PDF downloads. All will be released under a Creative Commons (non-commercial) license. Academic book publishing has poor circulation, which is variously diagnosed but generally goes by the name 'the publishing crisis in the humanities'. We propose that free e plus CC will scour a few clogged arteries and—not only will our patient not die—we predict she will feel a  bit better right away. 

Peers, Pirates, and Persuasion: Rhetoric in the Peer-to-Peer Debates (iPaper version)

Read more about Peers, Pirates, and Persuasion or purchase a print copy here.

Peers, Pirates, and Persuasion: Rhetoric in the Peer-to-Peer Debates investigates the role of rhetoric in shaping public perceptions about a novel technology: peer-to-peer file-sharing networks. While broadband Internet services now allow speedy transfers of complex media files, Americans face real uncertainty about whether peer-to-peer file sharing is or should be legal. John Logie analyzes the public arguments growing out of more than five years of debate sparked by the advent of Napster, the first widely adopted peer-to-peer technology. The debate continues with the second wave of peer-to-peer file transfer utilities like Limewire, KaZaA, and BitTorrent. With Peers, Pirates, and Persuasion, Logie joins the likes of Lawrence Lessig, Siva Vaidhyanathan, Jessica Litman, and James Boyle in the ongoing effort to challenge and change current copyright law so that it fulfills its purpose of fostering creativity and innovation while protecting the rights of artists in an attention economy.

Peers, Pirates and Persuasion: Rhetoric in the Peer-to-Peer Debates by John Logie by David Blakesley on Scribd

Framing Theory's Empire (iPaper version)

You can read this title right here in iPaper format and view it in full screen mode. You can comment here or tag it at To purchase a printed copy, check out the book's Web page at the Parlor Press site.

Framing Theory's Empire edited by John Holbo on Scribd

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