Rhetoric Across Borders

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Edited by Anne Teresa Demo

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Rhetoric Across Borders features twenty-one essays and six excerpts from the "In Conversation" panels convened at the sixteenth Biennial Rhetoric Society of America (RSA) Conference. Participants engaged the conference theme of "Border Rhetorics" in ways that not only reinvigorated the border as a conceptual metaphor but also challenged boundaries within rhetorical scholarship. Although the volume includes only a select representation of the work presented at the conference, each section features the diverse perspectives offered in Composition and Communication. The first section, Between Materiality and Rhetoric, explores points of interface between rhetoric and materiality. Working from diverse periods and disciplinary orientations, the authors illuminate how attending to the mutuality between materiality and rhetoric engenders a productive revision and/or expansion of our approaches to essential aspects of rhetorical inquiry. The second section, Crossing Cultures: Refiguring Audience, Author, Text, and Borders, explores how various forms of translation, migration, and liminality can refigure our understanding of the interplay between audience, author, and text. Essays in the third section, Remapping the Political, examine the diverse genres that broaden our understanding of the res publica and the tactics employed to circumscribe politics. In the fourth section, Contesting Boundaries: Science, Technology, and Nature, authors consider how shifting notions of expertise and competing epistemologies alter our conceptions of science and the environment. The selected essays in the final section, Teaching Across Divides, explore the different boundaries that shape teaching in rhetoric and composition. Here, the authors reflect on the challenges and rewards gained by explicitly engaging the borders and boundarywork that often remains invisible to our students. These organizational groupings reflect thematic through-lines in the submissions as well as a confidence in Burke's perspective by incongruity as a method fitting the exploration of various borderlands. The volume concludes with fragments from select "In Conversation" panels that cover a range of issues from activism and intersectionality to publishing and rhetorical theory.

About the Editor

Anne Teresa Demo is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences at Pennsylvania State University. A past recipient of the National Communication Association's Golden Monograph award, her articles have appeared in the Quarterly Journal of Speech, Critical Studies in Media Communication, Rhetoric and Public Affairs, and Women's Studies in Communication. She is the coeditor of Rhetoric, Remembrance, and Visual Form: Sighting Memory (Routledge, 2012) and The Motherhood Business: Communication, Consumption, and Privilege (University of Alabama Press, forthcoming).


Anne Teresa Demo

Between Materiality and Rhetoric
1 Material Rhetoric and the Ritual Transfiguration of Impure Flesh in the Purification Rules (Dead Sea Scrolls 4QTohorot A and 4QTohorot B)
Bruce McComiskey

2 Rhetorical and Material Boundaries: Animal Agency and Presence in Small Oceanic Islands
Peter Goggin

3 Smellscapes, Social Justice, and Olfactory Perception
Lisa L. Phillips

4 Blurring the Boundaries: Projective Embodiment in Videogames
Jeffrey B. Holmes

Crossing Cultures: Refiguring Audience, Author, Text and Borders

5 Toward a New Understanding of Audience in the Medieval Arabic Translation Movement: The Case of Al-Kindi's "Statement on the Soul"
Maha Baddar

6 All Nations, One Blood, Three Hundred Years: Martin Luther King, Jr., Fannie Lou Hamer, and Civil Rights Rhetoric as Transatlantic Abolitionism  
Keith D. Miller

7 "Carry Your Green Book With You": The Green Book as Representative Anecdote  
Elizabethada A. Wright

8 Gertrude Stein on the Borders of Identity  
Patrick Shaw

9 (Re)Bordering the Scholarly Imaginary: The State and Future of Rhetorical Border Studies  
Antonio Tomas De La Garza, D. Robert DeChaine, & Kent A. Ono

Remapping the Political

10 Peacemaking and the Chancery in Medieval Cairo: Revisiting Medieval Arabic Rhetoric
Rasha Diab

11 "What It Is to Be a Queenslander": The Australian State Parliamentary Motion of Condolence on Natural Disasters as Epideictic and Regional Rhetoric  
Rosemary Williamson

12 Going Digital: Rhetorical Strategies in the Enhanced State of the Union
Jeffrey A. Kurr

13 Redrawing the GOP Borders? Women, Reproduction, and the Political Landscape of the 2014 Midterm Election
Lora Arduser & Amy Koerber

Contesting Boundaries: Science, Technology, and Nature

14 Localized Science Sentinels: TEDx and the Shared Norms of Scientific Integrity
Ron Von Burg

15 Citizen Science in Lower Hood Canal: The Emergence of the Lower Hood Canal Watershed Coalition (LHCWC) as a Forum for Environmental Education, Policy Development and the Shaping of Political Will  
John Angus Campbell

16 The "Native" as Not So Creative Commonplace in the Borderland of Environmental Writing
Alexis F. Piper

17 Technologies of Mediation and the Borders and Boundaries of Human-Nonhuman Animal Relationships in Marine Species Advocacy
Amy D. Propen

Teaching Across Divides

18 "What did you do in the war, Mommy?" Competing Constructs in the Women in Military Service for America Memorial
Amy Milakovic

19 Service-Learning in the "Borderlands" at an Hispanic Serving Institution in South Texas
Susan Garza

20 Assessing the New Media Rhetoric: Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries
Kathleen Marie Baldwin

21 Positioning Rhetoric at The Heart of the Matter: Engaging Faculty, Engaging Students
Jane Detweiler, Margaret R. LaWare, Thomas P. Miller, & Patti Wojahn

In Conversation: Fragments and Provocations

22 Fragments from "In Conversation: Critical Rhetorics of Race"
Keith Gilyard & Kent A. Ono

23 Fragments from "In Conversation: Rhetoric and Activism"
Dana Cloud & Seth Kahn

24 Fragments from "Coalitional Gestures, Third Spaces, and Rhetorical Imaginaries: A Dialogue in Queer Chican@ Feminism"
Karma R. Chávez & Adela C. Licona

25 In Conversation: The Rhetoric of Disability and Access
James L. Cherney & Margaret Price

26 Fragment from "What Role Can/Should Academic Journals Play in the Future of Rhetoric Scholarship"
Barbara Biesecker, James Jasinski, & Kelly Ritter

27 Fragments from "Rhetorical Theory: Questions, Provocations, Futures"
Bradford Vivian & Diane Davis


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