Design Discourse: Composing and Revising Programs in Professional and Technical Writing

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Edited by David Franke, Alex Reid, and Anthony DiRenzo

Perspectives on Writing Series (The WAC Clearinghouse and Parlor Press)
Series Editor: Susan H. McLeod

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Design Discourse: Composing and Revising Programs in Professional and Technical Writing addresses the complexities of developing professional and technical writing programs. The essays in the collection offer reflections on efforts to bridge two cultures—what the editors characterize as the “art and science of writing”—often by addressing explicitly the tensions between them. Design Discourse: Composing and Revising Programs in Professional and Technical Writing offers insights into the high-stakes decisions made by program designers as they seek to “function at the intersection of the practical and the abstract, the human and the technical.”

Contributors include Diana L. Ashe, Brian D. Ballentine, Kelly Belanger, Julianne Couch, Anthony Di Renzo, James M. Dubinsky, Jude Edminster, David Franke, Gary Griswold, Dev Hathaway, Brent Henze, Colin K. Keeney, Michael Knievel, Carla Kungl, Carol Lipson, Andrew Mara, Jim Nugent, Anne Parker, Jonathan Pitts, Alex Reid, Colleen A. Reilly, Wendy B. Sharer, Christine Stebbins, and Janice Tovey.

About the Editors

David Franke teaches at SUNY Cortland, where he served as director of the professional writing program. He founded and directs the Seven Valleys Writing Project at SUNY Cortland, a site of the National Writing Project.

Alex Reid teaches at the University at Buffalo. His book, The Two Virtuals: New Media And Composition (Parlor Press, 2007) received honorable mention for the W. Ross Winterowd Award for Best Book in Composition Theory, and his blog, Digital Digs (, received the John Lovas Memorial Academic Weblog award for contributions to the field of rhetoric and composition (2008).

Anthony Di Renzo teaches business and technical writing at Ithaca College, where he developed a Professional Writing concentration for its BA in Writing. His scholarship concentrates on the historical relationship between professional writing and literature.


1 The Great Instauration: Restoring Professional and Technical Writing to the Humanities
Anthony DiRenzo

2 Starts, False Starts, and Getting Started: (Mis)understanding the Naming of a Professional Writing Minor
Michael Knieval, Kelly Belanger, Colin Keeney, Julianne Couch, and Christine Stebbins

3 Composing a Proposal for a Professional / Technical Writing Program
W. Gary Griswold

4 Disciplinary Identities: Professional Writing, Rhetorical Studies, and Rethinking “English”
Brent Henze, Wendy Sharer, and Janice Tovey

5 Smart Growth of Professional Writing Programs: Controlling Sprawl in Departmental Landscapes
Diana Ashe and Colleen A. Reilly

6 Curriculum, Genre and Resistance: Revising  Identity in a Professional Writing Community
David Franke

7 Composing and Revising the Professional Writing Program at Ohio Northern University: A Case Study
Jonathan Pitts

Minors, Certificates, Engineering
8 Certificate Programs in Technical Writing: Through Sophistic Eyes
Jim Nugent

9 Shippensburg University’s Technical / Professional Communications Minor: A Multidisciplinary Approach
Carla Kungl and S. Dev Hathaway

10 Reinventing Audience through Distance
Jude Edminster and Andrew Mara

11 Introducing a Technical Writing Communication Course into a Canadian School of Engineering
Anne Parker

12 English and Engineering, Pedagogy and Politics
Brian D. Ballentine

13 The Third Way: PTW and the Liberal Arts in the New Knowledge Society
Anthony DiRenzo

14 The Write Brain: Professional Writing in the Post-Knowledge Economy
Alex Reid

Post-Scripts by Veteran Program Designers
15 A Techné for Citizens: Service-Learning, Conversation, and Community
James Dubinsky

16 Models of Professional Writing / Technical Writing Administration: Reflections of a Serial Administrator at Syracuse University
Carol Lipson

Biographical Notes

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