RhetoricParlor Press publishes books in a wide range in the humanities, many of which advance understanding of rhetorical theory and its history, visual rhetoric, the rhetoric of new media, the rhetoric of science and technology, and rhetoric and philosophy.
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n/aEquipment for Living: The Literary Reviews of Kenneth Burke$45.00
n/aEssays Toward a Symbolic of Motives, 1950-1955$32.00
n/aFrom Oracle Bones to Computers: The Emergence of Writing Technologies in China$30.00
n/aGenre in a Changing World$40.00
n/aGenre: An Introduction to History, Theory, Research, and Pedagogy$30.00
n/aGreek Rhetoric Before Aristotle 2e$32.00
n/aHumanistic Critique of Education: Teaching and Learning as Symbolic Action $30.00
n/aInvention in Rhetoric and Composition$30.00
n/aKenneth Burke and His Circles$27.00
n/aKenneth Burke: From Myth to Ecology$30.00
n/aLetters from Kenneth Burke to William H. Rueckert, 1959-1987$25.00