Camera Phone

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Brooke Biaz

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978-1-60235-162-2 (paperback, $16.00; £11.00; €13.00; $18 AUS; $18 CAD); 978-1-60235-163-9 (Adobe eBook, $12.00; £8.00; €9.00; $13 AUS; $13 CAD). © 2010 by Parlor Press. 245 pages, with low-cost recipes and recommendations for futher reading.

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"I crouch in Modern Film Classics while Karen, coming in from the backroom, and from the left, ten minutes after opening, makes some comment about some writer or another looking like Rene Russo. To which I call out: "Oh, right, who exactly?" I phone shoot her in medium shot with a wall of films by Scorsese behind her."

"On the seventh floor all is pretty quiet. The corridor is long, dog-legging at half way. A TV somewhere is playing what sounds like a repeat of 1980s cop show Hill Street Blues. I have no idea which episode, and, even though I've seen them all more than once, I can't seem to get interested in thinking about it. The low-pile carpeting is allowing me to glide effortlessly and silently over it, while not forgetting to shoot each one of the apartment doors so that the threatening notion that one of them could open at any minute and reveal . . ."

Camera Phone is a novel of cell phones and films—with some fabulous, low-cost recipes and recommendations for further reading. Let's face it, there's more than meets the eye when you're studying film at the University of Southport.

About the Author

Brooke Biaz (aka Graeme Harper) is a fiction writer, scriptwriter, and cultural critic. He is Editor-in-Chief of the international journal, New Writing. His awards include the National Book Council Award for New Fiction (Australia), among many others. He has been a Professor of Creative Writing at a number of universities, none of which are the University of Southport.  His most recent works of fiction include Moon Dance (Parlor Press, 2008) and Small Maps of the World (Parlor Press, 2006).


Part 1

1, Being There (Read Ch. 1 in PDF format)
2, Beauty and the Beast
3, Pulp Fiction

Part 2

1, Donnie Brasco
2, Godzilla
3, A Life Less Ordinary
4, Dark City
5, Groundhog Day

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