Digital Publishing F5 | Refreshed

Second Edition
© 2003 by Parlor Press
ISBN: 1-932559-10-8

Edited by Kate Agena, Karl Stolley, Rita Wu, Christopher Eklund, Christopher Berry, Jingfang Ren, Jennie Blankert, David Blakesley, Serkan Gorkemli, Bob Stein, et al.


Available for free download in Night Kitchen (TK3) format.

Digital Publishing F5 | Refreshed (Zip file; 6.2 MB)

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Download the free tk3 reader

TK3 Reader is also available in two Mac versions: (TK3 Reader for Mac OS 10.2-3; dmg file; TK3 Reader for Mac OS 8.6-9.2; zip file)


This multimedia ebook was one of the first (of seven) books ever cataloged in the MLA International Bibliography in 2003. Designed, produced, and published at Computers and Writing 2003 at Purdue University in the Digital Learning Collaboratory, May 22, 2003, from 1:40 to 5:50 p.m. Illustration, "The History of Writing" © 2003 by Tobias Ott

Read news coverage about this book and the conference, "'Digital dimensions' of publishing explored at conference" (Journal and Courier; PDF format)