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Eric Pankey Featured on Poetry Daily

Eric Pankey, author of Dismantling the Angel, was the featured poet on Poetry Daily, 24 August 2014. Congratulations, Eric!

Bump Halbritter and Mics, Cameras, Symbolic Action Receive Distinguished Book Award

We're pleased to announce that Bump Halbritter's Mics, Cameras, Symbolic Action: Audio-Visual Rhetoric for Writing Teachers (Parlor Press, 2012) is the winner of the 2013 Distinguished Book Award from Computers and Composition. Bump received the award at the Computers and Writing Conference hosted at Washington State University on 6 June 2014.

New Realities for Academic Presses in Trying Economic Times

Presented at the Research Network Forum, Conference on College Composition and Communication San Francisco, March 11, 2009


Scholarly presses may be in peril due to diminishing markets, tight budgets, and over-reliance on the monograph as the signifier of scholar achievement, but individuals and organizations in rhetoric and composition can take specific action to ensure that scholarly presses not only survive momentary crises but also thrive in the years ahead. In turn, presses themselves also need to adapt to the changing needs of the multiple constituencies they serve and the new technologies that enable the democratization of peer review, production, distribution, and delivery.

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